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The name marked on the knife will give you the first visual clue to its age. Knives marked "Schrade Cut Co. From to , Schrade knives were marked "Schrade Walden. Look for the markings "OT" or "UH" on the knife. The Uncle Henry knife, marked "UH," was a stainless steel knife made between and Check the four-digit serial number on the knife blade for more information.

The first digit indicates the number of blades on the knife; the second and third refer to the handle pattern; and the fourth refers to the handle material. Letters that follow the serial number refer to the handle material color or type. You can look up the serial number in an antique cutlery book or Schrade catalog, which will often tell you the name of the particular knife; this will help you pinpoint a time frame for when it was made. Examine the knife handle to determine its material.

Bone handles were made between about and ; the bone was known as "peach seed bone" due to its tannish brown color, similar to that of a peach pit. After , the majority of Schrade knives had handles of man-made materials. However, in the mids some knives were made with handles of colored bone red, green or brown.

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I have seen pictures and there is a box and paper work in a plastic sleeve. He says the the knife is made in the U.

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On the end of the box it says T Middleman Pocket Knife. He said the markings show it to be a Schrade. What I need to know is it can be determined from the information given, what is a fair price for the knife? I don't want to overpay for the knife but I also want to be fair with the guy. Very popular Schrade size pattern, about as scarce as Honda Accords.

It's always best to see the tang stamp to verify USA is on there.

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OT have carbon blades while the UH have stainless. Schrade also used the 34 stockman for many of it's special editions so plenty of variations to consider. A 33OT is same pattern in a 2 blade jack vs the 34 stockman. They usually are less than the 34s.

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Or was it last week? But I do like the 34 Schradies. After seeing the pictures I think I may start looking for some of the special edition knives. Well at least one more.

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Is there a way to tell the age of the Old Timers. Is it real vuntage of new old stock?

Most older knife companies didn't do that. They made tools to be used. Knife collecting is a fairly recent phenomenon, mainly in the last 40 or 50 years. You must, in the words of Bernard Levine, "Read the knife. First the tang stamps: If it is a Schrade Cut Co. Schrade Walden, to Schrade stamping was used from to Now look at the handles, What are they made of?

Most are Delrin, a type of plastic by DuPont. Schrade started using it in the early , IIRC. When it is all said and done you will have a date range in which your knife was most likely made. For many of the Old Timers, it can be a range of dates covering 30 years or more.

As an example a 34OT: If it has the Schrade Walden tang stamp, it was made between when the pattern was introduced and , when they dropped the 'Walden' name from the tang stamp. A range of 10 years. A tang stamp, it was made between and , when Schrade closed. So the date range of that knife is 32 years. Sometimes with Old Timers, it doesn't get any closer than that.


Now if you have the box the knife was sold in, that can help narrow the date by box design dates, which is in another thread As for your question; "Is there any way to tell if a knife is a real vintage or new old stock? New old stock usually refers to new knives still in the boxes. They could be 5 years old or 50 years old, but I would still consider them 'New old stock.